1:1 Organizational Coaching

 In this 6-week program we will take an in-depth analysis of the challenges you face with a project or your overall business. I will take you step-by-step through processes to help you become more organized and productive and meet your specific goals. My program will improve your routines , systems, strategies and time management skills.  Topics include but are not limited to time management, calendars, email, systems and project management.

1:1 Monthly Coaching

After completing the 6-week program I will continue to be an accountability partner on a monthly basis. I will teach you how to create organizational habits and then strategies for following through. We will have one monthly, hour-long zoom call. Between monthly calls, you will be able to communicate with me for additional guidance.

Project/Data Management

I can assist in setting up and managing projects, including management of staff and workflow. Data support and management may include data entry, email organization and management, file organization, basic bookkeeping, entry of expenses and more.

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