My Story

I am officially launching my website, so I thought I should also introduce myself and my new business! A little bit of background on me: I lived in California my entire life. Recently, I decided my four kids and I needed a change, a new start in a new state, and along with that, I wanted to start my own business. There is never a right time, never a perfect time. So I did it, took a leap of faith, and made it happen. We moved to Arizona, and here I am, a business owner!

What is a Virtual Assistant?

If you are not familiar, a Virtual Assistant is someone who is an independent contractor/business owner who works remotely for other businesses.  Virtual Assistants can help brick and mortar companies, entrepreneurs and online businesses by providing administrative services, without the need to pay employment taxes or provide a workspace and equipment.

Why Should You Hire Me?

Is your business cutting into family time? Is your business less profitable than it can be because you aren’t fast and efficient at administrative and organizational tasks? The focus of my business is administration, organization, and management. By hiring me to manage the administrative side of your business, you are freed to focus on what is important to you.

What’s Next?

Professionally, I would love to have you check out my website to learn more about how I can help your business or the business of someone you know. Then let me know if we can talk about ways I can help you!

On a personal level, I am going to explore the heck out of my new hometown in Arizona. I am going to visit the nearby lakes and hike as many trails as I can. Along the way, I would like to meet some new friends and try to read some good books.

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