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Business Systems Consultant

I have over 10 years of combined project and office management experience in the corporate world. I truly enjoy the details of managing and organizing the administrative side of businesses. Both professionally and personally, organizing makes me so happy! I have a strong affinity for digital calendars, time blocking, smooth writing pens, binders with tabs and color-coded lists. I run a group on Facebook where I share tips and methods to become more organized in your business and home, check it out at Organized System Solutions.

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” Benjamin Franklin

I graduated with a BA in Environmental Studies from the University of California at Santa Barbara. While working full time, I attended San Diego State University and earned my Master’s in Public Administration. I live in Northern Arizona, and I am a big believer in exploring and adventure. I love hiking and camping. Our family motto is to be fierce, love big and do hard things.  

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