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Top 5 Reasons To Start Your Online Business

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Start an Online Business

If you could leave your corporate job right now, would you? I mean it! If there was a route out of the corporate world, into one where you can always wear comfy clothes when you work, would you take it? I did. I started my own online business… and I LOVE it! 

I know it sounds scary to make the jump from a corporate role into working for yourself. I was nervous at first, but now I’m incredibly thankful that I went for it. Along my journey as an online business owner I’ve found five absolutely glorious things about owning my own online business, and I want to share them!

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1. Being my own boss

An obvious number one to owning your own business, but I truly cannot overstate how awesome this is in real life. I get to decide every single thing about my business structure, my brand, and my work-life balance. I don’t have to convince a higher-up, or schedule a Zoom meeting with a team, before I make a business decision. 

2. Starting as a side-hustle

Let’s face it, you may not be financially able to quit your corporate job immediately upon founding your online business. However, you can certainly start your business and work around your corporate job until you can make the switch. I love that starting my business as a side hustle gave me the opportunity to craft an exit plan from my corporate gig, without totally overwhelming me.

3. Ultimate flexibility

I mentioned that my work-life balance is in my own hands, but I really want to emphasize the level of flexibility my online business has afforded me. I get to make my own schedule and hours. I decide how many days and how many hours I want to work. There’s nobody over my head pressuring me into working 80-hour weeks! 

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4. Working from anywhere

I do not have to be tied to an office, ever! I can take my laptop with me and work wherever the heck I want. The soccer field? Yup. My favorite cafe? Absolutely. I could even be a digital nomad if I wanted to! 

5. Being more present for my family

This one needs no explanation. Family time > anything else!

I love so many things about my online business. I’m glad I took the leap. If you’re waiting for a sign that it’s time to start your own online business… this is it! 

Which of these benefits of an online business resonated most with you? I would love to know! Share with me on my Instagram @melyssaleighmunday, via email, or right here on my blog.


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