I bet you can’t guess the number of unread emails in my inbox… It’s zero.

That’s right, I am strictly anti-digital clutter. I figure if I don’t like clutter in my house why would I want to keep it on my electronic devices? If you’re not even sure where to begin when it comes to a digital clutter detox, I’ve got you covered. Here are my steps to keeping my devices clutter-free.


1. Clean out your inbox

I think we all knew I would start with this classic. Yes, I know, you might have literally 12,000 unread emails, but we’ll get through it together. First things first, delete any emails you don’t need. This includes expired coupons, emails from people you’d rather not talk to, and all those newsletters you never got around to reading. Speaking of newsletters… It’s time to hit unsubscribe on any emails you’re not reading regularly. The key to avoiding inbox overwhelm and clutter is stopping the unwanted emails in the first place!

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2. Organize your desktop

Get yourself set up with a clean and easy digital filing system. Create folders on your computer, and save files into specific categories. Some of the categories I use include: content creation, finance, clients, photos, and resources. Yours will be different, but I wanted to share how specific I get with these folders. No generic “2021” or “random stuff” folders. This desktop declutter also extends to Google Drive. If you’ve got a lot of files in there, get them sorted into folders too!


3. Get rid of physical copies

How often do you actually reach for that physical receipt you kept from a purchase months ago? Probably not very often. How much more convenient would it be if you had that receipt stored digitally on your computer in case you did need it? Probably a lot better. So why not go for it? Free yourself from filing cabinets!

I recommend scanning and digitizing any papers you must keep, such as receipts, invoices, or contracts. Shred hard copies when you are done. My biggest piece of advice when it comes to keeping clutter out of your life? Don’t print things in the first place. If you download a freebie, or get an electronic invoice, consider whether you need to print it. Perhaps you can just save it on your computer (in one of your folders, of course).


How many emails are currently in your inbox? Are you ready for your digital declutter? Share which step you’ll try first! And if you haven’t already, download my free Practical Productivity Guide HERE.

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