I used to love paper planner/calendars. I had a favorite company I ordered from, I had it customized, it was so pretty and I spent time with the colors and stickers. But as I began my own business, I found that it no longer worked for me. I needed something I could live in, have constant access to and easily move around.

I switched to using a digital calendar, and it was life changing. I utilize many google products, so it was useful for me to set up a google calendar that could sync with other programs. There are so many things I love about google calendars!

I actually use several separate google calendars that merge into one master calendar. Google allows you to easily set up multiple calendars that can all be shown on one master calendar, or you can select to filter by a certain calendar. I have a personal calendar, where I put things like daily recurring activities such as morning coffee and shower, any errands I need to do or phone calls I need to make. I use one calendar for my kids. This is where I put things such as their daily activities, sports practices and school projects. I have a business calendar, where I plan out what work I am doing for each client as well as tasks spent growing my own business. The final calendar is one I use for appointments, this calendar is tied to my Calendly account, so it includes all client zoom calls, plus all doctor and other appointments where I need to block off time and be away from home. At any given time I can view all calendars on a master calendar, or I can select just certain calendars to view those events.

Google allows you to select a color for each calendar (I LOVE color coding!). In addition, I have assigned specific colors to different tasks. You guys, I can’t tell you how much I am obsessed with color coding! My color coding includes red for priority work, client work is orange, networking is teal, etc. The color coding is super important for planning and time blocking purposes, which I will discuss in the next blog post.

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