To Do Lists

Does anyone else get super overwhelmed by lists of things to do? How long is your list? Do you have one list or multiple lists?



You may be tempted to work your way down your list in no particular order. I have another suggestion to help reduce overwhelm. 


Reorganize your list into three categories:
    1. Must do-highest priorities, deadlines and overall important items.
    2. Should do-lower priority, needs to get done but not a tight deadline.
    3. Delegate-can someone else complete the task, such as an employee, partner, child.
Ask yourself:
  • Are there any items on your list that can be done in less than 5 minutes?
    • Do it NOW! Really, do just one thing on your list once you finish reading this.
    • Try to do one thing every day on your list that will take you under 5 minutes.
  • Each day, pick three items to complete. THREE. Don’t pick three day-long tasks, pick three that you can reasonably complete in a day.
    • Make it your goal to complete all three. If you don’t complete all three, it’s okay! I promise it will still be there tomorrow.When you meet deadlines for completing a task, reward yourself!

Whatever you do, don’t get bogged down by your list! Try this strategy or come up with your own, but either way, consistency is key. Make it a habit and you will gain so much control over your list.



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