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Providing  strategies and support to help small businesses and entrepeneurs become more organized and productive. 

“Don’t be busy. Be Productive”                                                      

I am a Productivity and Organizational Coach. I work with you to help end the chaos and take back control of your time. I’ll guide you in becoming more organized and productive with simple strategies and systems. 

Hi there!

I’m Melyssa

I have a background in project and office management, and I LOVE organizing. My passion is helping others take simple steps to become more organized,  productive, and successful in business and life. 

What I Do

1:1 Organizational Coaching

 In this 6-week program we will take an in-depth analysis of the challenges you face with a project or your overall business. I will take you step-by-step through processes to help you become more organized and productive and meet your specific goals. My program will improve your routines , systems, strategies and time management skills.

1:1 Monthly Coaching

After completing the 6-week program I will continue to be an accountability partner on a monthly basis. I will teach you how to create organizational habits  and strategies for following through with them. 

Project/Data Management

I can assist in setting up and managing projects, including management of staff and workflow. Data support and management may include data entry, email organization and management, file organization, basic bookkeeping, entry of expenses and more.


"Melyssa works with us in an ongoing weekly office management capacity. She is highly organized, detailed oriented, and quick to respond when contacted."

Chuck, Owner/President

Tri Path Technology Group

"Melyssa helped me implement and organize several systems for my business. She set up a file structure for my emails and helped clear out my inbox. Melyssa also created a Trello board to help me track the needs of several of my customers. She was very easy to collaborate with!

Nina, Owner

NRS Marketing Solutions


Time Management
Time Management

We all have the same amount of time in each day, but do you ever feel like there is not enough time, or wonder how all that time passed and you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to that day? The thing is, time management is a bit misleading. There are 24 hours in a...


I used to love paper planner/calendars. I had a favorite company I ordered from, I had it customized, it was so pretty and I spent time with the colors and stickers. But as I began my own business, I found that it no longer worked for me. I needed...

To Do
To Do

To Do ListsDoes anyone else get super overwhelmed by lists of things to do? How long is your list? Do you have one list or multiple lists?  You may be tempted to work your way down your list in no particular order. I have another suggestion to help reduce...

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