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Organized System Solutions

Providing system strategies, organizing methods and administrative support to help you work smarter, not harder.

“We do not rise to the level of our goals, we fall to the level of our systems.”                                                      James Clear, Atomic Habits

I am a Business Systems Consultant, and I help businesses establish workflow and standard operating procedures in order to increase efficiency. Setting up and implementing systems helps to make life less stressful, makes you more productive, and results in an increased income. My goal is to help businesses grow and scale.

Hi there!

I’m Melyssa

I have a background in project and office management, and I LOVE organizing. My passion is creating and documenting procedures and workflow for businesses. There is tremendous value in documenting procedures as it allows you to have the time to focus on your zone of genius, the ability to bring on support staff and grow in an efficient way.

What I Do

Customized System Creation

Every business is unique, therefore I will work with you to explore your needs. In our discovery call, we will discuss your existing processes and areas to increase efficiency. This call will help me determine how to best help you become more organized and implement systems.

System Audit

I can evaluate your business’s existing systems and processes to determine if they are being used as efficiently as possible. I will examine whether your systems are effective in saving you time and helping your business increase income.

Data Organization

I can assist in various types of online organization and data entry. This may include email organization and management, file organization, basic bookkeping, entry of expenses and more.


"Melyssa helped me implement and organize several systems for my business. She set up a file structure for my emails and helped clear out my inbox. Melyssa also created a Trello board to help me track the needs of several of my customers. She was very easy to collaborate with!

Nina, Owner

NRS Marketing Solutions

"Melyssa works with us in an ongoing weekly office management capacity. She is highly organized, detailed oriented, and quick to respond when contacted."

Chuck, Owner/President

Tri Path Technology Group


Time Management
Time Management

We all have the same amount of time in each day, but do you ever feel like there is not enough time, or wonder how all that time passed and you didn’t accomplish what you wanted to that day? The thing is, time management is a bit misleading. There are 24 hours in a...


I used to love paper planner/calendars. I had a favorite company I ordered from, I had it customized, it was so pretty and I spent time with the colors and stickers. But as I began my own business, I found that it no longer worked for me. I needed...

To Do
To Do

To Do ListsDoes anyone else get super overwhelmed by lists of things to do? How long is your list? Do you have one list or multiple lists?  You may be tempted to work your way down your list in no particular order. I have another suggestion to help reduce...

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